Frequently Asked Questions

YEGOMOTO is currently available across the City of Kigali. We are rapidly expanding to cover all of Rwanda, as well as other African Nations.

Our drivers are easily recognizable by their bright red YEGOMOTO helmets. Simply flag one down when you see it!

Our App will allow you to summon a YEGOMOTO or pre-book one for a later time. You just to wait just a little bit longer for the app, but we promise it will be well worth it!

Once you get on the Moto, the driver will start the trip on the YEGOMOTO Meter, which is mounted on the right hand-side of the handlebar. You will see a green button on the top corner; this means that the Meter is ON. During the trip the Meter will display the Fare, elapsed time and distance travelled as you enjoy the ride!

You can pay your Yegomoto fare in Cash or make a Cashless Payment.

YEGOMOTO supports :

  • YEGOMOTO Ride-Tap-Pay NFC cards
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • MTN Tap & Pay

YEGOMOTO will soon support Airtel/Tigo Mobile Money and all major credit and debit cards.

The next time you ride a YEGOMOTO, ask your driver for your YEGOMOTO Ride-Tap-Pay NFC card. He will complete the registration for you and give you your card. You can now pay for your ride by simply tapping your tag behind the YEGOMOTO Meter.

If a passenger decides to pay cashlessly, the exact value of the metered fare will be deducted from their mobile wallet, whereas, fares paid in cash are rounded up to the nearest 100 RWF. For eg, RWF 340 paid in cash becomes RWF 400.

Cashless payments save both, passengers and drivers the hassle of carrying exact change, and the passenger receives an electronic invoice instantly via email.

Don't worry! You can ask a friend to pay for your YEGOMOTO ride using their mobile money. Just provide them with the Trip ID and Fare amount.

Each ride is tagged with a unique Trip Code.

You can find the Trip Code on the top of the YEGOMOTO Meter’s screen. Remember to note Trip Code in case you want to share feedback about your ride experience or to log a complaint for a particular trip.

E-bills are electronic invoices that can be emailed to you to keep as records of your trip or to claim expenses. You can register to receive E-bills by clicking on the red tab on the YEGOMOTO homepage.

You may send an email to or fill out the form located under the “Contact Us” section.

If your complaint is related to a specific ride, then please mention the Trip Code and details of what went wrong.

We will respond to your complaint/query within 24 working hours.

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